My Story

During my 10 years tenure in the high pressure aviation sector as a marketing professional, I witnessed the impact of a hectic lifestyle on one’s health which can eventually impact his efficiency at work too!
That’s when I decided to help others, who are struggling to maintain their health, through the power of knowledge and technology! 
As a former working professional, I understand the importance to strike a balance between a successful career and healthy life! 
That’s when the idea of Nutrifamily was formulated.. 
We constantly focus on developing innovative solutions to help achieve a healthy mind & body while managing a hectic lifestyle ! Your work commitments are no more an excuse to ruin your health !
It’s time to crush those challenges !!
Joe Jacob Jose 
Pn certified nutritionist 
I always wanted to serve the world by providing a healthy lifestyle and by joining Nutri Family I strongly believe that it’s my immense responsibility in positively shaping and influencing the health and fitness attitudes of those around me which I could easily attain much faster and in a better organised way.
M.P. Chandrasekhar
ISSA – certified personal trainer
Since my postgraduation in nutrition, I have been able to make a positive impact in many people’s health. Seeing them recover from lifestyle diseases like diabetes & cholesterol motivated me to continue my journey in this field. As I am a strong believer that a healthy lifestyle can heal both mind and body, I found Nutrifamily to be a perfect platform to be a part of.  It’s science based approach makes habit building easy which eventually helps in achieving long term sustainable health.
K. Balasundhari
Post graduate in Food Science & Nutrition

Nutrifamily is not just a “diet & workout app ”. Nutrifamily makes a healthy lifestyle “convenient”!

Today – it’s all about convenience.

Almost every business is investing heavily on technology to make their products convenient and user friendly . Unfortunately , health applications are yet to transition towards this reality!

We know, there are many factors can influence a user’s lifestyle:

       family priorities

       Work pressure

       Health issues like digestion, jointpain , tiredness




Eventually, “convenience supersedes desire for health”

There is a drastic change in habits when users  are overwhelmed with lifestyle priorities.

Nutrifamily app is designed to adapt and modify suggestions according to USER’s health & lifestyle.

How Nutrifamily was conceptualized


Nutrifamily’s adaptive model was developed through 4 years of research across 100 families in India , Middle East, UK & US. During this period , around 10000 blood results were studied and correlated with each user’s Eating / shopping / physical activity & stress management Habits. After factoring their age & family history, we were able to arrive at potential health risks across a set of predefined Health conditions.

With its extensive database connected to multiple health aspects , App can easily filter the suitable solutions from wide range of options across multiple digital platforms


     Online Food delivery

     Vacation planning



In addition ,the inbuilt algorithm can learn from each user’s health response towards their  choices & progressively evolve for best results.

This helps in prioritising the solutions as per user’s “current health & lifestyle requirements”.

Our testimonials from family based users is an indication of Nutrifamily’s simplistic approach to transform lives.

It’s now time to start your journey!