Nutri.family is an AI powered personal grocery shopping assistant

Plan your grocery shopping meticulously and in perfect harmony with your nutrition requirements. Your first step to ‘Eat right’ is ‘SHOP RIGHT’

Step into a nutritious world of possibilities

How does this work?

Individual / Family – Profile

Create a Nutri-Profile and get your family members added. Remember – More the inputs, more refined the output

Info-graphic Representation of Nutri-score

Get your own Family Nutri-Dashboard. The Dashboard will give insights into family’s health position and match it to the suggested nutri-level

The app Auto-selects the best ingredients based on your profile

Grocery assistant Auto-Selects the grocery list which fulfills your nutrition needs. It gives you the flexibility to add / remove / edit quantity.

Stumbled upon something ‘UNHEALTHY’ – No Problem!!

Its quite often that we give in to thoughts of cheating a meal. Be sure that the app helps you with suggestions / notifications to overcome the urge

The App provides healthy alternatives on the fly

The application learns your taste / preferences and provides healthy alternatives on the go

Checkout – Sit Back relax while we deliver

Once you checkout our team will run to fulfill your order. Sit back and relax while we ethically source the best ingredients and deliver at your door step

Why partner with Nutri.family?

AI powered / Personal grocery shopper / Auto-assist / Platelogic / Scheduler / Recipe builder

Why You’ll Love Us

While we are brilliant at what we do, these are reasons why you will love us even more.

  • Its personal nutrition made super easy
  • Its automated
  • It works like magic
  • It delivers visible results in a few weeks

“Excellent Service”


Their service is brilliant! Please keep spreading the awesomeness.

“Love the flexibility”


We absolutely love this and we value that we can use this for family grocery needs as well.

“Power to be a health expert”


I’m really appreciating the quality and presentation. The AI based suggestions of options & recipe is outstanding.

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